How to choose the right suit for your little boy...

by Matthew Subham on Dec 03, 2022

How to choose the right suit for your little boy...

Picking the perfect suit for a boy can be challenging with numerous styles and colors to choose from. Fear not – we're here to help!

First, consider the occasion. What type of event is your child attending? A wedding, prom, or communion? Will they wear a tie or bowtie? Is the event taking place in a warm or cold climate? Knowing these details will simplify the decision-making process.

Next, take into account your child's age and prioritize comfort over style, especially for toddlers and infants. Opt for elastic waistbands to allow easy movement without restrictions from buttons or zippers. Consider their height and waist size – will a slim, regular, or husky fit be most suitable?

Since kids' suits aren't custom-made and each child is unique, compromises on fit may be necessary. However, alterations remain an option for a better fit.

The suit's color will vary based on the event. For informal occasions like prom, a bright, eye-catching color might be fitting, while more formal events call for darker hues or even a tuxedo-style suit. First Communions usually require a white outfit or suit, though alternatives such as khaki pants with a dark jacket are sometimes acceptable.

If your child is a ring bearer, aim for a suit that complements the bride and groom's attire. Providing a sample, link, or photo of the groom's suit will help us recommend the best match.

For toddlers or infants attending formal events without requiring a full suit or tux, a suspenders outfit is a stylish yet comfortable option. These outfits typically include shorts or loose pants, a shirt with suspenders, and a tie or bowtie.

Lastly, consider the material for your child's comfort. In warm weather, a linen suit or shorts may be appropriate, while a wool composite suit will offer more warmth for colder climates.