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Outfits and Suits for your Boys First Communion.

It is a common misconception that boys have to wear a white Communion outfit. Many churches will provide guidelines, or a dress code, and they will almost certainly require a white shirt and formal tie. The color of the suit is often open to personal choice, so we have a put together a selection of navy, grey, white, and black outfits that we think would be perfect for the occasion. Shop at Malcolm Royce for their special day!

Boys Communion (21)

Boys Classic White Communion Suit

$36.85 $67.00

Boys White Communion Suit Classic Slim

$36.85 $67.00

Boys White Executive Slim Suit 5PC029

$50.40 $84.00

Executive Boys Light Grey Suit (18)


Boys Formal Classic Black Suit

$36.85 $67.00

Boys Formal Classic Navy Suit

$36.85 $67.00

Boys Navy Suit Classic Slim

$36.85 $67.00

Boys Black Suit Classic Slim

$36.85 $67.00

Boys Navy Wool Suit 2PC 101


Boys Navy Executive Slim Suit 5PC029

$50.40 $84.00

Boys Black Slim Suit Executive 5PC029

$50.40 $84.00

Boys Grey Executive Slim Suit 5PC029

$50.40 $84.00

Executive Boys Navy/Lt Gray Suit - Size 10

$48.00 $68.99

Boys White Tuxedo

$44.00 $77.00

Boys Pinstripe Vest Suit with White Shirt and Tie


Boys White Long Tail Tuxedo

$44.00 $77.00

Boys White Executive Tuxedo with Patterned Jacket 391

$95.00 $118.00

Boys Classic White Communion Suit - Sizes 18 & 20

$54.00 $69.99

Perry Ellis Boys Suit White Suits For Boy's

$139.99 $299.99

White Tuxedo Set with Matching Shirt And Tie Tuxedo For Boy's

$124.99 $199.99