Malcolm Royce donating back.....

by Matthew Subham on Dec 22, 2022

Malcolm Royce donating back.....
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, December 22, 2022 In tandem with excited partners, Malcolm Royce is building on its legacy of helping parents feel proud during their child's most important early year moments. Baptism and Communion are two of the first major milestone steps a child takes on their journey to God.

If your church partners with Malcolm Royce, when you purchase your child’s outfit from us, a portion of the sale will be donated back to your church. It's really that easy to give back. A financial donation helps communities rebuild from disaster, supports families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and helps churches grow programs that can impact even more people within the community.

Customers, by shopping for children’s special occasion clothing at Malcolm Royce online, you can help your church improve their fundraising with little to no effort required (participating churches only). baby boy baptism outfit, girls gowns, boys first communion suits and girls dresses are all available in our store.

We started Malcolm Royce in 2016 and quickly built up a reputation for our prices and quality. Sadly, we had to close the doors due to Covid, but luckily we're still operating online, getting back on our feet, and looking forward to 2023!

Contact us for more information, and to partner up for this exciting opportunity for you and your church,